Managed Digital Marketing Services For Wineries

Lacking resources and time, most wineries struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving tools and technologies needed to stand out from the crowd. The result is a lackluster online presence that fails to inspire tasting room visits and wine sales.

Vinbound was created to solve this problem, giving wineries a partner to manage their marketing technologies and craft a powerful digital strategy on an ongoing basis.

Every Month You Receive:

Your Custom Blend of Services May Include:

Wine Digital Marketing from Vinbound Marketing

$500 Starting Fee, Then $50/Hr

Is there a cap on hours provided?

Yes. All retainers cap at 10 hours per month to keep your expenses in check. If we are working on a project that requires more than 10 hours in a given month, you will be notified and given the option to delay work over 10 hours until the following month.

How do we stay involved?

We will identify a set day of the the month (say, the second Monday of each month) to have as a monthly strategy session. At this meeting we will go over performance from the past month and settle on a new blend of services for the current month. The provided work is usually spread out throughout the month to align with wine releases/announcements and other events.

Is there a contract?

All retainer clients must start with the $500 marketing roadmap service, which audits your current digital marketing activities and creates a plan of action for moving forward. We also require a three-month minimum contract to ensure that the reduced hourly rate ($50 vs standard $70/hr) is not taken advantage of.

We aren’t a winery… can we still utilize your retainer?

Yes! While wineries make up our core clients, our techniques and technologies can be applied to any business that wants to grow through a refined digital presence (which ultimately is almost every type of business). We currently have very positive retainer contracts with several non-wine companies.

What is the $500 starting cost?

This covers our digital marketing audit and roadmap initialization process. To understand how to best serve your winery, we take a close look at your current marketing performance and identify strengths and weaknesses. From this we develop a roadmap of marketing tasks that need to be performed over the next 12 months to boost your winery’s exposure and sales. Some of these tasks can be performed in-house by your own team, and the rest are covered under your retainer with Vinbound Marketing.

How many hours are provided per month on average?

In early months where there is plenty of work to get your business up to speed, it is very common to reach ten hours of work. Over time it is often the case that businesses will require less work to stay on top of their digital strategy. In these later months, costs generally hover around the $250/month mark. Clients are provided a detailed breakdown of how the hours are spent every month.

What if we are unsatisfied with your work?

Our goal is to grow your business through a more impactful online presence, sell more of your wine and ultimately make your life easier. You may end your relationship with us at any time if you aren’t seeing a positive Return on Investment (but we will work very hard to keep that from happening!)

How is our winery’s digital strategy refined?

Every month we will take a close look at what tactics are resulting in increased traffic/sales and which elements of your digital presence need improvement. New trends and tools in digital marketing will be discussed on a monthly basis and built into the mix as needed.

I only need a couple one-time services…

In that case, you are best suited for our a la carte hourly plan at $60/hr.

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