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A beautiful website doesn’t matter if you’ve built it in a way that makes it invisible to search engines and difficult for users to navigate. Our optimization services provide thorough and ongoing testing to ensure your site functions perfectly for visitors and displays great in search engines. 

Search Engine Services

For new wineries, we offer a number of services to quickly get your site indexed and ranking highly for your winery name. For existing wineries, you should already be ranking highly for your winery name, but there are many refinements that you can continue making. For example, are you showing on maps when people search for nearby wineries? Do you like how your business is listed in the righthand side of Google search results? Is your business information accurate across all online directories? Are there other keywords that you want to rank highly for? Are your website images appearing in image search results? Our focus is on the multiple dimensions beyond ranking #1 that influence traffic to your website and tasting room.

winery seo

Directory Submissions

For new wineries, we submit your information to all major directories throughout the net. For existing wineries, we check that your information is accurate and make corrections if conflicts are discovered.

local seo strategy

Proper Map Results

A surprising number of tasting room visitors decide where to visit impromptu. Many pull up a map on their smartphone and search for nearby wineries. If you aren’t listed here (many aren’t!), you won’t be visited.

winery search engine optimization

Beautification of Search Results

We’ll get you set up on Google My Business so that more extensive winery information and photographs are displayed when searching for your winery.

link building

Presence on Apps & Industry Sites

Incoming Links from respectable sources improve both your search engine position and referral traffic to your website. We ensure you are well represented on relevant industry sites and popular apps.

More Boring (But Important) Services

The Service What It Does
URL Optimization Improves what search engines think your page is about and increases the rank in search results for that term
Disavow Harmful Links Google penalizes your site if you have a bunch of low-quality links pointing to it (maybe you once hired a low-quality “seo expert”, or have a saboteur competitor). We’ll reverse the damage done by eliminating these harmful links.
301 Redirects If you change your URL structure (new website?), you must create 301 redirects to keep search engines informed. Otherwise, visitors will land on 404 Not Found pages when they click on your search results. This is a very common blunder made by novices to web design.
Title Tags Search engines give more weight to title tags than body text, so we make sure the text used in your titles is relevant to what you want the page to rank for.
Drop blocking robots.txt Some developers block your website from being indexed when it is in development through a robots.txt (or nofollow tag). The developer then forgets to remove this when your site goes live, meaning your site is never indexed by search engines. Bad things happen to good people… We make sure all of the pages that you want to be found are found.
XML Site Submission Submitting an XML site file to search engines helps them understand the structure of your site and speeds up your time to proper indexing.

Site Doctor

These services improve your website’s code structure in the pursuit of improved functionality and better user experience. The services fall on the more technical end of the spectrum and are often overlooked by business owners. We identify all of these issues in our free website assessment.

Why do we go to a doctor for a checkup, or to the garage for a tune-up? Because with a complex system of moving pieces, things often need a little fine-tuning to ensure everything is working as it should. We follow best-practices when it comes to the coding of our websites, and ultimately the majority of these issues should not arise with Vinbound-built sites.

website Doctor
The Problem Our Solution Why It Matters
Your Website loads slowly
  • Image Optimization (compress image sizes)
  • Install Content Delivery Network
  • GZIP Compression
  • Browser Caching
Viewers have very little patience online. Shaving seconds off your load times makes all the difference between a sale and an empty cart.
Your site has broken links
  • Run site through a broken link checker and fix any navigation issues.
  • Install 301 Redirects on permanently moved pages.
Broken links confuse search engines and bring your visitors to 404 pages. Know what visitors do next? Bounce.
Site doesn’t display well in mobile devices All of our websites are built with a code-structure that enables them to display perfectly on all devices. Your customers are accessing your site from an increasingly broad range of devices. It is in your best interest as a business to serve all of your customers, not just those with a big monitor.
Viewers can’t read the text Increase font sizes and change colors sitewide A surprising number of websites use text that is too small to read. Your visitors shouldn’t strain to read what you have to say.
General Broken Elements We check functionality on all submit forms, newsletters, ecommerce, videos, etc., on a regular basis It’s embarrassing the number of wineries who have email newsletter signup forms that are broken…

Conversion Strategy

Conversion Strategy is for large winery wineries that are keen on consistently improving their website’s ability to sell wine and bring in tasting traffic. We study where traffic is getting hung up on your website and which pages are part of a successful purchase process.

A successful conversion strategy includes setting up experiments to address various problems. We deploy variations to a small segment of users and test which variation is most successful given the targeted business goal. We then take what works and deploy to all 100% of users (this is known as A/B or Split Testing). This iterative, experiment-driven approach to innovation is what makes Vinbound a valuable partner for wineries looking to improve their online sales engine.

conversion rate optimization
goal setting for winery websites

Goal Setting

We start by setting goals for your website, such as increasing sales by 50% and receiving more newsletter signups. Knowing what to measure and refine is step #1.

a/b testing

A/B Testing

A/B testing is powerful for sales pages / landing pages where you want the visitor to take a specific action (like buy wine!), but have differing ideas on the best execution.

heatmapping for winery websites


Heatmapping is a flexible in-page data collection tool that generates a visual representation of how visitors interact with the various components within a single webpage

Event Tracking

Analytics tools will alert us to specific website events, such as a significant change in website traffic or higher than average bounce rate. The result is a real-time pulse on your website health.

Marketing Analytics

How do you know that your website is doing its job? Through precise measurement. We’ve signed up for all the fancy marketing analytics tools and are ready to unleash their powers on your website. Our digital analytics services install tracking onto your digital properties for data collection and subsequent refinement.
Why do analytics matter? Any page of your website can become the “home page” based on how visitors find and enter it. We analyze which pages are being trafficked and refine your design and content to cater to the flow of this traffic in the pursuit of selling more wine & promoting visits to the tasting room. In short, this data is used to analyze what is and isn’t working with your website and making refinements to achieve your business goals (see Conversion Strategy).
winery digital marketing analytics
analytic tool setup for wineries

Analytic Tool Setup

A chosen blend of powerful analytic tools are configured to analyze your website on an ongoing basis. Our current mix of tools includes Raven, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, on-page plugins, Sumome Heat Maps, and MOZ.



Before any work begins, we make a thorough analysis of site performance and traffic levels. Moving forward, this data and an industry-wide data set are used to determine how your site is performing, both against itself and all wineries aggregate.

monthly analytics reports for wineries

Monthly Reports

Vinbound Retainer customers receive a comprehensive monthly report drawing conclusions from all analytic tools and suggestions for ongoing refinement.

Some of the Analytics Tools We Use

Get all of these services with our Monthly Retainer

Optimization services are part of the ongoing, long-term digital marketing process. We wrap all of these services into your monthly package.

Also Available Project-to-Project

One-time services like improving your website code structure or submitting your information to search engines can be taken care of project-to-project at $70/hr.