About Vinbound Marketing

Digital Marketing, Tailored For Wineries

Based in the Pacific Northwest, we provide wineries with a full range of digital marketing and branding services to grow tasting room traffic and sell more wine. With both one-time and ongoing services, we have solutions for wineries in all stages of growth.

Vinbound is best known for our winery website development services. In addition to web development, we provide the full gamut of digital services to boost your direct-to-consumer sales, including ecommerce consulting, photography & video services, email marketing, digital advertising management, social media management, graphic design/branding, and digital strategy consultation.


Who We Are

Vinbound is first and foremost the work of Brian Richardson, who started Vinbound in 2014 to benefit wineries in Oregon’s Willamette Valley (Prior to starting Vinbound, Brian was business manager and event strategist for the International Pinot Noir Celebration). Wineries who work with Vinbound have increased rapidly in the last five years and now are located in all major wine regions throughout North America. Our home remains in Carlton, Oregon, with services to astounding wineries in pockets the globe over. Vinbound has partnered with amazing talent since our beginnings and now offers a full suite of digital services and technologies to help wineries sell all the wine.

Brian Richardson
Vineyard Sunrise Oregon

Access a Network of Digital Marketing Specialists

Vinbound has partnered with highly qualified wine marketing specialists to help expand our breadth of services to wineries around the globe. Every winery requires a unique blend of services to reach their business goals, and our connection to the best global talent extends the range and quality of services available to wineries that partner with Vinbound. Founder Brian Richardson remains the initial point of contact with all Vinbound clients and provides much of our marketing strategy and website development services. Thanks to our network of talent, we now are proud to offer wineries every digital marketing service imaginable, including graphic design, print collateral creation, data analytics, virtual reality filming (really), and much more.

Building Tasting Room Traffic with WineryHunt

Vinbound Marketing launched our side business WineryHunt Oregon in 2017.  This unique membership program incentivizes wine tasters to visit a wide range of wine tasting rooms via limited-time waived tastings and discounts. Each month we feature a different micro-region of wineries, and within each pocket is a group of three or four Featured Wineries. Members receive a beautiful weekly email and other digital marketing campaigns introducing them to the monthly Featured Wineries and providing driving directions and other trip details for their upcoming visit. The program has been a resounding success for both consumers and wineries… members often say they never would have visited the wineries without WineryHunt’s guidance, and wineries are reporting very strong turnout, sales and club signups. The model has proven itself a success and has expanded to Washington in 2019, with other regions to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your general costs?

Websites range from $1500 for a basic one-page website to $10000+ for an extensive build on WordPress. Digital marketing, tech support, and photo/video services are provided on an hourly or fixed-price project basis. Much of our pricing is available here. Because projects vary in scope from winery to winery, we recommend you contact us with your needs and we will put together a formal proposal for you.

Who is responsible for the work done on my behalf?

Vinbound’s Founding Partner and Lead Developer Brian Richardson oversees all accounts and ensures all work provided by Vinbound meets and exceeds the standards of our winery clients.

What's with the name?

“Inbound marketing” is a marketing tactic which focuses on developing beautiful, informative web content to organically attract viewers to your website and inspire action. Search engines reward this quality content by placing it higher in search results, and viewers reward quality content by becoming followers and eventually customers. Vinbound of course is simply the extension of this marketing concept to the wine industry.

Why should we hire Vinbound?

Savvy wineries are in need of marketing experts who can manage their brands and respond to marketing challenges in the competitive wine industry. While having an in-house marketer is nice, it comes with a few caveats:

1) All marketers have certain strengths and weaknesses. Vinbound is a diverse team of marketers who collectively are experts in every category imaginable: graphic design, website development, SEO, video production, social media, etc.

2) The cost of having an in-house marketer exceeds that of outsourcing your marketing to a partner agency like Vinbound for 90% of wineries. OR, if your budget allows, an in-house marketer working in partnership with the team from Vinbound gives your winery the best of both worlds!

Do you work with businesses other than wineries?

Only if it is related or deeply influenced by the wine industry! For example, we have done work for cities in wine country (Carlton, Oregon) and AVAs (Alexander Valley Winegrowers, McMinnville Foothill Winegrowers, Eola-Amity Hills Winegrowers, Yamhill-Carlton Winegrowers).


What Can Vinbound Do For Your Winery?