Website Accessibility for Wineries

Website Accessibility for Wineries

Website accessibility (ADA Compliance) ensures that a website has been properly designed and coded so that people with disabilities can easily navigate and use it.

Designing a website to be a simple, enjoyable user experience on any device is critical for every business. Not only will an accessible website result in more online sales thanks to a better user experience, it actually has become a legal requirement in recent years. The Americans with Disabilities Act, meant to keep those with disabilities from being discriminated against, now applies to the digital realm. Thus, wineries can face a lawsuit if their website is deemed to violate the ADA, with parameters set by the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

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What is the ADA?
WCAG 2.1 Standards

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Top Considerations for an Accessible Website

  • Strong Color Contrast
  • Fonts are large enough and easy to read, or can be adjusted on demand
  • Images have alt tags to allow screen readers to understand image content
  • Keyboard navigation works properly
  • Epilepsy-safe
  • Videos with audio have captions
  • Proper word spacing and line heights
  • ARIA attributes

Website Accessibility Services from Vinbound

All new websites built by Vinbound Marketing adhere to ADA / WCAG 2.1 standards as closely as possible. We also strongly recommend Accessibe, an AI-powered ADA & WCAG Compliance solution which plugs into your website and provides ongoing monitoring and protection.

Accessibe continuously scans and analyzes your website, identifying non-compliant features and automatically adjusting your website’s code to meet specific ADA and WCAG 2.1 standards.

This technology adjusts website code to include alt tags, ARIA attributes and keyboard navigation. It also allows users to manually manipulate website contrast, font sizes, mute sounds, stop animations and make other temporary design adjustments via an ADA menu in the lower left of the website (including the example on this website).

  • Daily Compliance Monitoring
  • Accessibilitty Statement & Certification
  • Ongoing WCAG 2.1 & ADA Compliance
  • Monthly Compliance Auditing
Accessibility Adjustments

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A complete ongoing accessibility solution for your website starts at $490/year