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After building countless winery websites and integrating with all of the top online store options, these are our recommended winery Ecommerce solutions


Commerce7 is a relative newcomer to the wine ecommerce/POS scene, and has quickly become our FAVORITE solution for wineries. First, it has an incredibly intuitive design throughout. The POS is easy to use, and the backend to manage inventory, clubs, etc. is refreshingly easy to use compared to the other wine-specific ecommerce solutions mentioned on this page. The online store is embedded on your own website (currently WordPress only, does not work with Squarespace yet), so there is no need to create a separate subdomain for your store that is different from your core website unless you don’t currently have a WordPress website. Commerce7 integrates with a wide range of services, including ShipCompliant, Mailchimp, CellarPass, FedEx and more. Overall, this is definitely at the top of our list, and you need to take a demo to see it for yourself!


Initiation Fee to Commerce7: $0
Website Integration Fee (to Vinbound): Starts at $750
Data Migration Fee: Varies based on number of records to be migrated
Monthly Fee: See Commerce7 Pricing Here


Wineries with a WordPress website and a tasting room who want a modern point-of-sale system, a powerful wine club management solution, and an intuitive online store.

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Mathew Bruno
Walla Walla Vintners

VinoShipper Website Developer


VinoShipper is both a compliance and Ecommerce company. They provide wineries with shipping permits to most US states overnight, and will collect and report all state taxes on your behalf. The online store can be embedded on any website (as well as on your business Facebook page!), with payments processed through the VinoShipper system. VinoShipper also includes a comprehensive wine club management system.


Initiation Fee: $0
Website Integration Fee (to Vinbound): $250+ depending on customization
Monthly Fee: $0
Transaction Fee: 4.5 – 9.5% per sale


Wineries needing permits to ship to many states and who don’t want to worry about collecting and reporting taxes per state

Used By

Twelve Wine

Anam Cara

Squarespace for Wineries

Squarespace Commerce

Squarespace is best known as a website platform, but it also comes packaged with an excellent online store solution. You can easily manage inventory, create shipping and taxation rules, connect to your bank account and sell wine in a snap. Your website and store are hosted on the Squarespace company servers, which are extremely secure and reliable. The store design is also very customizable and beautiful.


Initiation Fee (to Squarespace): $0
Website Integration Fee (to Vinbound): $500
Monthly Fee: $18-$26 (includes website hosting)
Transaction Fee: 2.9% + 30cents / transaction


Smaller wineries who have shipping permits already and just need a simple, beautiful online store to sell wine

Used By

Kelley Fox Wines
Rafael et Fils
Pruett Vineyard

WooCommerce for Wineries


WooCommerce is the world’s leading commerce solution for WordPress websites. It is an extremely customizable ecommerce solution that integrates perfectly with your WordPress website. You can edit inventory and manage orders directly from your WordPress dashboard, and there are many WooCommerce extensions that allow you to extend the store capabilities to include custom shipping calculations, the payment processor of your choice, compliance checks, and much more.


Initiation Fee (to WooCommerce): $0
Website Integration Fee (to Vinbound): $750+ depending on functionality
Monthly Fee: $0
Transaction Fee: 2.9% + 30cents / transaction


Wineries with a WordPress website who need a basic online store with wide range of custom functionality, without monthly fees. Does not have POS integration.

Used By

Cherry Hill Winery
Simoni Family

VineSpring Website Designer


There are a number of ecommerce solutions built specifically for wineries, such as Commerce7, WineDirect, Orderport and VineSpring. Rather than just allowing for online sales, these systems also provide wine club management, wine allocations, and varying levels of POS integrations. These options can be too costly for small wineries, and many of the features go unused. Yet for wineries with a high volume of sales and members, a wine-specific solution is usually the  best solution. A great choice for a solution of this caliber is VineSpring.


Activation Fee: Free
Website Integration Fee (to website developer): ~$1500, not supported by Vinbound
Monthly Fee: $99-399
Transaction Fee: 3 – 3.5%


Wineries who want a nicely integrated online store that also provides wine club and allocation management.

Used By


WineDirect (Formerly Vin65)

WineDirect is often called the Rolls Royce ecommerce solution for wineries… packed full of features, but at the highest price. For sure, WineDirect is among the best in the wine ecommerce game, with countless features you should review on their website. However, while their ecommerce solutions are excellent, be wary of building your entire website with one of their “free” website templates. Compared to popular website platforms like WordPress or Squarespace, trying to edit your website using the WineDirect website builder is cumbersome and confusing. The backend is not intuitive at all, and your free website soon ends up costing a fortune in tech support for even the smallest edits. We are of the firm belief that WineDirect and others should focus solely on improving their ecommerce functionality while leaving the core website to the much more developed, community-rich platforms of WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.. So if you go with WineDirect, here is our advice: Hire Vinbound or another website developer to craft your ideal, beautiful, easily-editable core website, then use a WineDirect ecommerce integrator like Tarfoot or WineWorks.co to match the style of your WineDirect(Vin65) ecommerce store to the rest of your beautiful website. The result will be a website you love and can easily edit,  empowered by all the ecommerce features you need from WineDirect. Win Win!


Core Website (To Vinbound or other developer): $3000-6000+
Ecommerce Integration Fee (to WineWorks, Tarfoot or other WineDirect Developer): $1500+
WineDirect Fees: $249-599/month


Wineries who want one powerful system to manage all POS, online and club transactions.

Used By

Westmount Wine
Stoller Family Estate

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