Best Winery eCommerce Options

Our top recommendations for your winery’s online store and wine club management system

Top Winery eCommerce Recommendations from Vinbound

After building countless winery websites and integrating with all of the top online store options, these are our recommended winery eCommerce solutions

Ideal for medium and large wineries needing ecommerce, POS, wine club, etc.
Ideal for smaller wineries needing shipping permits and managed tax reporting
Ideal for smaller wineries needing a beautiful website with a simple online store
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Ideal for wineries eager to build a website and online store on Shopify
Ecwid E-commerce for Small Business
Ideal for businesses needing a simple store that can embed into any website


Commerce7 is our most recommended solution for wineries. First, it is the most modern and intuitive wine-specific solution on the market. Managing inventory, clubs, etc. on the system backend is MUCH easier compared to the other wine-specific ecommerce solutions like WineDirect or Orderport. The online store is embedded on your own website (we suggest WordPress), so there is no need to create a separate subdomain for your store that is different from your core website. Commerce7 integrates with a wide range of services, including ShipCompliant, Mailchimp & Klaviyo, Tock, FedEx, and more. Overall, this is at the top of our list for wineries needing the best.

The Best Fit For:

Larger wineries with a WordPress website and a tasting room who want a modern point-of-sale system, a powerful wine club management solution, and an intuitive online store.

Wineries Using Commerce7

Domaine Drouhin
Opus One

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VinoShipper is both a compliance and eCommerce company. They provide wineries with shipping permits to most US states within a week or two, and will collect and report all state taxes on your behalf. The online store can be embedded on any website, with payments processed through the VinoShipper system. VinoShipper also includes a comprehensive wine club management system. There are no monthly fees to VinoShipper, but the margins can get expensive- up to 9% per order. However, compare that margin cost against securing permits yourself for each state you want to ship to and you may find this to be a bargain.

The Best Fit For:

Wineries with a nationwide sales strategy needing permits to ship to many states who don’t want to procure direct shipping permits one by one. Likewise, for wineries who don’t want to worry about collecting and reporting taxes per state, and who need a simple wine club management system.

Wineries Using VinoShipper

Mindego Ridge

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Squarespace Commerce

Squarespace is best known as a website platform, but it also comes packaged with a solid online store solution. You can easily manage inventory, create shipping and taxation rules, connect to your bank account via Stripe and sell wine in a snap. Your website and store are hosted on the Squarespace company servers, which are extremely secure and reliable. The store design is also very customizable and beautiful.

From a user experience, we find Squarespace to offer the simplest checkout experience for your website users. One potential pitfall to be aware of is that you will need a Stripe account for your payment processing, and occasionally Stripe will deny new accounts to businesses selling alcohol.

The Best Fit For:

Small to medium sized wineries who have shipping permits for the states they want to sell to without the need for an overly robust wine club/POS solution. Ideal for wineries who want a simple, beautiful online store to sell wine.

Wineries Using Squarespace

White Walnut Estate
Rafael et Fils

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Shopify is a powerful and popular ecommerce solution, but it requires an extensive network of plugins and custom integrations to make it a good choice for wineries. This is where Bloom comes in. Bloom is a company that gets wineries completely set up on Shopify and integrated with numerous custom plugins that enable wine club, shipping compliance and more. While some of the plugins are still in their infancy, we expect Shopify to be one of the top choices for wineries within the next few years thanks to its reporting functionality, ease of use and endless plugin marketplace.

The Best Fit For:

Larger wineries or those with deeper pockets, as setup and integration of a Bloom+Shopify website tends to run around $10,000+ with high monthly costs

Wineries Using Bloom

Pearl & Stone

Bloom Website
Ecwid E-commerce for Small Business


Ecwid is a leading choice for small business merchants to easily set up a store and start selling fast. There is no need to abandon your existing website — Ecwid can be added virtually anywhere you have an online presence. Ecwid is a great solution if you have an existing website because it is compatible with nearly every platform including WordPress and Squarespace. Ecwid is also a cost effective option that is based on a fixed monthly fee rather than a percentage of earnings, which can lead to huge savings. Ecwid does have a limitation in that it does not support a Wine Club or subscription based offerings. However, if you are looking for a light, fast and cost effective solution to integrate into your existing website, Ecwid may be perfect for you.

The Best Fit For:

Wine shops and other wine businesses that don’t need a wine club solution but do want a powerful online store that can integrate on any site

Wineries Using Ecwid

E&R Wine Shop

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Ecwid Website

Why isn’t WineDirect, eCellar, Orderport, VinSuite, etc on this list? In our experience, these are antiquated platforms that don’t serve our winery clients well. We are happy to discuss why we feel this way by reaching out.

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