As a website design and development company for wineries, Vinbound compiles this annual list of winery websites that we think are particularly well executed. This resource is intended to inspire any winery looking to build a new website and serve as a reference for possible design directions. Before we launch into the websites, a couple tips to consider when designing a new winery website…

Keep Things Simple and Design Around Your Winery Goals: Before you get in the weeds with flowery language and overly artistic design, focus first on keeping things simple and centering the design around achieving your winery goals. Your users are on your website for a reason, so help them get to your most important information quickly. Here are a few quick pointers on common winery goals and how to design your site around this mission:

Sell Wine Online: Include a few of your top sellers right on the homepage, ideally with the ability to add to cart directly from the homepage.
Increase Tasting Room Traffic: List your hours and a link to directions on your homepage. Further information can be deeper on the Visit page, but most viewers are on your site to verify your hours.
Highlight Special Events: Include your next upcoming event right on the homepage, either in the banner or nested next to the tasting room information.
Join the Club: Have a clear call to action to join the club on the homepage and the benefits that come with membership.
Educate the Trade: Make the link to trade assets clear and obvious, not buried.

Use Professional¬†Imagery: We say it every year, but we can’t stress this enough… If you don’t have professional images and/or video, it is going to be very difficult to develop a captivating website/brand. The photos that you take on your phone work great for instagram and social media, but there is a clear elevated quality that professional imagery provides for highly-visual, inspiring winery websites. Before you even start a new website, invest in capturing stunning assets. Extra points for running all of your website images through the same color/texture filter to create consistency in your design and branding.

Hedges Family Estate

The Hedges Family Estate website has it all— elegant, professional photography and video, clean page structure and design, and an intuitive homepage that makes it easy to find the main things a visitor would be looking for: Wine shop, Visiting information and Wine Club.

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Built on WordPress with Commerce7 online store integration, the Benza Vineyards website is nice and simple, with plenty of white space mixed with professional imagery and story content. This website is light, airy and easy to navigate around, and the online store from Commerce7 makes it easy to add to cart and checkout out with little friction in the process.

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The Aesop website is a testament to excellent branding thanks to unique fonts and artistic photography. The copy is kept to a minimum, there is ample white space, and all of the winery goals are clearly achievable from the home page: Access newest releases, join the wine club, understand the brand through their lookbook gallery, etc. It’s a strong, artistic showing that doesn’t go too avant-garde to where users don’t know how to navigate the site. This website is built on Squarespace with the online store powered by Squarespace Commerce.

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White Walnut Estate

This upstart wine brand from Oregon didn’t want a big, elaborate website. Instead, they sought a minimalistic site with black and white photography and succinct copywriting. Only photos of the bottles and grape clusters are in color, allowing for a welcome burst of vibrancy. It’s clean and simple with an intuitive online store built in Squarespace.

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Walla Walla Vintners

The website for Walla Walla Vintners proves that you don’t even need more than one page at all (barring the online store/product pages). All of the website content is on one long-scroll page, and it covers all of the core winery goals: show winery hours and a link to directions, provide a clear call to action to shop the online store, showcase wine club benefits, etc. The video banner and several animated images add movement and texture to the site, and a midpage gallery serves as a quick way to get a feel for the brand. This website is built on WordPress is Commerce7 integration.

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The Westmount website is clearly built around a target demographic: Pacific Northwesterners who like to get outside and explore. This is an example of a website that is well built around a specific target consumer. All of the bottle and product shots are taken in various settings around Oregon (beaches, hiking trails, etc), and the online store is especially creative in that traditional bottle shots have been axed altogether in favor of lifestyle bottle shots. The slanted asymmetric sections adds creative flair as well for this WordPress website.

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Bradshaw Vineyards

How do small vineyards stand out? Building a brand around a vineyard and encouraging top wineries to source your fruit  is largely about meticulous viticulture and word of mouth. However, there is a growing trend to create an online presence around unique vineyards as well. A strong option for vineyard owners looking to build hype around their vineyard is a single-page website. The Bradshaw Vineyards site is a one-page, long-scroll website that opens to an aerial video of the property and quickly conveys the story and unique climate that make the fruit worth seeking out. The vineyard map with interactive block information is an added plus. Vinbound offers very affordable single-page websites, ideal for vineyards looking to get on the map.

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With extremely unique fonts, retro photography, unique shapes and vibrant colors, the Haus website is another example of exceptional branding. The site alternates between full screen photography and expansive use of white space, and the photography has all been run through a grainy, 70s era filter. It makes for a memorable experience that suggests all the cool kids are drinking this stuff, and you should be too.

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Note: While many of the websites listed on this page were created by Vinbound Marketing, some were built by partner agencies in the wine industry.