As a winery website design and development company, Vinbound compiles this annual list of winery websites that we think are particularly well executed. The websites in this article are some of the best that we have built or encountered in the last year.

We hope you find inspiration with the following list of sites, and that it can provide direction for your own winery website design. All of the sites listed here are built on WordPress or Squarespace.

2023 Trend: Less Is More

The websites in this year’s roundup avoid being complex or over-designed. These sites are pared down and really focus on providing a strong user experience across fewer pages. They tend to favor photography over text content and are a joy to view. Many of these sites serve as a good example that you don’t need a massive budget or a completely original design layout to develop an effective winery website.

Aperture Cellars

This modern website is built on WordPress with Commerce7 ecommerce integration. The style is extremely clean, with ample use of whitespace to let the photography really pop.

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Beaux Frères

Simplicity is key with the Beaux Frères site. The no-scroll homepage serves as a beautiful landing area. The inner pages feature a lot of whitespace and hyper-clean design, without too much text content. Overall, it is a simple site that is easy to navigate and purchase wine on. This site is built on WordPress with Commerce7 integration.

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The Epoch site starts with a modular homepage (see our website design trends article about this). Image thumbnails on the homepage serve as jump-points to the most popular deeper pages, an effective way to ensure quick navigation to whatever page you are looking for. This WordPress site is fully integrated with Commerce7 and features interactive vineyard maps, club signup/login and much more.

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The Soter website is elegant and sophisticated. The homepage features a Stacked design of full screen images, while deeper pages feature a lot of whitespace blended with fullscreen image sections. It is an extremely visually rich website and is a good fit for Soter as they have a massive library of professional photography to leverage. Built on Squarespace with WineDirect integration.

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The Ceritas site is completely black and white, with one large image banner per site followed by a stark and clean text section. The result is an understated sophistication that screams premium and exclusive.

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Kerry Hill Winery Homepage

Kerry Hill

The Kerry Hill site is a good example of a simple website for a smaller winery and tasting room. It’s not over the top and was executed on a budget. The site may not win any awards for groundbreaking design, but it does exactly what it needs to do in a concise and playful package. This is a good example for smaller wineries with tasting rooms, especially in more laid back or emerging wine regions. Built on Squarespace with VinoShipper integration.

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Nicolas-Jay Homepage

Nicolas-Jay Estate

The Nicholas-Jay site features a prominent white border throughout, giving ample breathing room to let the professional photography of the vineyards, winery and tasting room shine. Like other sites in this article, it is polished and easy to navigate. Built on WordPress with Commerce7.

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Examples of websites for wineries

Long Meadow Ranch

Long Meadow Ranch is a popular winery, restaurant and farm in Northern California. The site is larger than the others in this article due to the breadth of the business. However, the navigation structure and design works very well for a business of this size. The homepage is a mosaic style of images with text overlay to aid with site navigation. The top navigation bar changes and expands based on the section of the site you are in. There’s a good use of whitespace mixed in with the professional photography. While a weighty site, it functions very well, with the store especially impressive and easy to use. The website is built on WordPress with Commerce7 integration.

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Iterum Wines Homepage


The Iterum website starts with a no-scroll video-based homepage flying over the estate vineyard. A simple white border keeps the site feeling modern, while inner pages do a deep dive on the vineyard (including interactive vineyard map) and visiting experience. It’s a highly effective website for this small Oregon brand. Built on WordPress with Commerce7 integration.

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The Hibou site captures the warmth and authenticity of this Northern California wine brand. The off-white background and excellent choice of landscape photography creates a sense of place and approachability. The long-scroll pages effectively tell the story of the winery through a mixture of galleries, pull-quotes and text. Built on WordPress with Commerce7 integration.

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More Sites That We Love

Rudd Wines
Joseph Phelps
Cedar Creek BC

Note: While many of the websites listed on this page were created by Vinbound Marketing, some were built by associate agencies in the wine industry.

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