Commerce7 Managed Services

Vinbound Marketing provides white-glove ongoing management of your Commerce7 account, including wine club setup and releases, product setup, discounts, reports and more

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Outsource Commerce7 To Vinbound

After years of providing Commerce7 data migrations and website integrations, the team at Vinbound Marketing is pleased to now offer complete Commerce7 white-glove management services. We are experts on all things Commerce7 and are currently accepting clients who want to outsource wine club and other business-critical components to a team of Commerce7 experts.

Initial Wine Club Setup

Setup and consulting on your wine club structure and integration into the website so customers can easily join the club, change settings, select wines for an upcoming release, etc.

Product Addition & Photography

Addition of all new products on an ongoing basis and assignment to proper collections. Bottle shot services also available for beautiful wine bottle images per vintage

Club Release Management

Setup of club packages per release. Addition of products to each package, oversight of emails that send to customers, monitoring of batch charges, resolution of failed charges, etc.

Promotions & Discounts

Setup of coupon codes, tags, and automatic promotions that apply to specific customers


Assistance initializing inventory across locations where bottles are stored and shipped from

Club Member Card Renewal

Reachout to club members on behalf of the winery for cards that fail to be renewed

Shipping Setup & Sync

Addition of all shipping rates across the regions that you ship to, as well as options to sync via API to shipping services

Custom Reports

Generation of custom reports, specifically club release reports that are easy to understand and can be provided to fulfillment to pack and ship

Reactive IT Support / Helpdesk

Additonal IT services as needed, including label printing setup, terminal support, etc

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Outsourcing your Commerce7 management to Vinbound Marketing is guaranteed to be far more cost-effective than hiring someone in-house. Pricing depends on your case production, the number of club members and your specific needs. Please reach out to us for a formal quote!

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Also Available: Commerce7 Setup Services

In addition to Commerce7 management services, we offer the following services to get you set up on Commerce7 in the first place:

Data Migrations: Migration of your data (credit cards, CRM, order histories, notes, flags, etc) from any ecommerce platform into Commerce, including WineDirect, Orderport, Xudle, Vinoshipper, WooCommerce, Shopify, Square, Mailchimp, etc.

Website Integrations: Complete integration of Commerce7 into a new or existing website

Google Analytics Tracking: Connection of your Commerce7 account to your Google Analytics 4 account for proper tracking of club actions, ecommerce actions, reservation actions, etc

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