Commerce7 Data Migration & Website Integration Services

Vinbound Marketing provides Commerce7 data migration and website integration services for wineries moving away from legacy systems.

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Data Migrations

Commerce7 is an amazing commerce/wine club platform for wineries, but moving your customer data into the system and integrating it into your website can be very time consuming and challenging. Vinbound Marketing is your website integration and data migration partner to efficiently export, clean and import your data into Commerce7, and to beautifully display your products on your website for purchase. We are a certified Commerce7 Designer and certified Commerce7 Developer specializing in C7 Website Integrations and Data Migrations. We can move your data from WineDirect, Shopify, VinSuite, AMS, Figure, Vintegrate, eCellar, Troly, Orderport, Xudel, Captina and much more.

Commerce 7
Data Append / Cleanup

Our team will assist in the export of your data from your existing ecommerce provider into an excel spreadsheet. Data is reviewed and cleaned to ensure proper import into Commerce7.

Credit Card Transfers

Our team is able to securely transfer encrypted credit card information into Commerce7 from the vast majority of credit card processors, all while staying PCI Compliant.

Full Migration to Commerce7

We’ve developed a custom script to map your data from your exported spreadsheet to the proper fields in Commerce7. Our team oversees the transfer and accuracy of mapped data.

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Data Migration Pricing

Data Migration costs are based on the volume of records to be migrated. A formal quote will be provided once we understand the type and number of records that you aim to migrate into Commerce7. Additionally, Commerce7 may be able to subsidize some of the data migration cost for wineries.

There are five main types of data that can be migrated:

Core Customer Details: This is all of the core information about each customer— their name, email, phone, club level, address. Each customer counts as 1 record.

Order Histories: This is the record that shows which customers bought what in the past. In this case, a “record” is each past sales transaction.

Credit Cards: Each credit card number that is stored in your system and needs to be migrated is 1 record. Often the number of records to migrate is the number of active club members.

Notes: Custom notes per customer that have been added into your system and need to be mapped to Commerce7. “Ask about their dog Fang”

Products: We can migrate your product SKUs from your legacy system into Commerce7.

Commerce7 Website Integrations

Our team specializes in the integration of Commerce7 into any WordPress website. This service includes the development and styling of your Commerce7 store, club, profile and reservation pages on your website.

Built on WordPress

Commerce7 requires a WordPress website. We can integrate into an existing WordPress site or create an entirely new WordPress core website or subdomain. Pricing varies. For a completely new site, view our WordPress packages here.

Affordable Shop Subdomains

If you are happy with your current website design but it is not on WordPress, we can quickly spin up a WordPress-based Commerce7 subdomain (i.e. The subdomain will be matched as closely as possible to your current site. Average cost is $1000 setup plus ongoing hosting.

Includes Personalization

We leverage Commerce7 personalization technology to deliver the right content at the right time to the right customer. Personalize website messages, content and products based on customer type, rank, previous orders, clubs, groups, and more.

Some Commerce7 Sites Built By Vinbound:

Domaine Drouhin
Walla Walla Vintners

Note: We also have a few Commerce7 website templates available for wineries wanting an affordable new WordPress+Commerce7 website

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