Digital Marketing Retainer for Wineries

Outsource elements of your marketing to a team of dedicated graphic designers, website developers and digital strategists. All retainer packages are customized to your winery’s specific needs based on the findings of our initial marketing audit.

We Can Manage:

Online Advertising

Development and management of digital advertising campaigns on social media, search engines and independent websites


Search Engine Optimization services to boost ranking and display in Google results

Social Media

Account creation, advertising campaigns, graphic design and overall social media strategy

Tech Sheets

Creation of tech sheets, shelf talkers, and other printed material for trade and consumers

Email Marketing

Design and Management of email marketing campaigns on Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, etc.

Website Updates

Regular content updates on your website, including upcoming events, news and general maintenance.

Event Listings

Submission of upcoming winery events to industry directories and calendars

Photo & Video

Retainer packages may include regular visits from professional photographers to capture quality content

Ongoing Strategy

Regular meetings with your staff to monitor progress and refine the provided marketing services

All Retainer Clients Begin With Our Digital Marketing Audit

The digital marketing audit is our onboarding process to understand your winery’s goals and past marketing processes. A thorough audit of your existing marketing processes allows us to develop a customized retainer to meet your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cost of the Retainer?

The cost of the monthly retainer varies from winery to winery based on your specific needs. After the conclusion of the digital marketing audit, your winery will be provided several retainer options to choose from a various price points. We offer both a fixed-rate retainer with specific deliverables provided per month, and an hourly-based retainer ($50/hr) with a minimum 5 hours per month. Retainers can range in price from $250 to $2000 per month depending on the blend of services provided.

How do we get started?

Give us a call, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We first get up to speed with your winery via the digital marketing audit ($750). You will be provided a non-disclosure agreement for confidentiality and a questionnaire to fill out to help us better understand your winery’s current marketing position and goals. Your completed strategy consultation will be provided to you in PDF format and will include full detail on digital marketing tactics that need to be taken to reach your goals. Your in-house team can use this information as a plan of action, or you can outsource the tasks to Vinbound via one of several customized monthly retainer packages.

Is there a contract?

The contract of your marketing retainer depends on the final package and the marketing manager/agency that is matched with your winery. Most retainer agreements require a minimum three months of work before you can cancel.

Who Provides the Retainer Services?

Vinbound Marketing has partnerships with a network of digital marketing experts and agencies. Based on the results from our digital marketing audit, you will be matched with a dedicated marketing manager from Vinbound or a partner agency who can best provide the blend of services in your specific retainer package.

We only need a couple one-time services…

Many of our services are offered a la carte with specific pricing for each (see the pricing page). If what you need is not a fixed-fee service, you will be charged our normal hourly rate of $70/hr. Please contact us with your project details and we will get working!

A Note On Social Media

Social media is a difficult service to outsource. It works best as an in-house position, posted from an honest and unique voice from someone in the winery. We can assist in creating special social media campaigns, graphics, advertising and setting up your accounts. Our photography/video services will also provide a bank of materials you can use. However, you should plan for the day-to-day posting to occur from someone from within the winery. We have partnered with social media agencies who can manage your daily postings, but the service is expensive as social media is a time-consuming activity. Our partner agencies are located throughout the United States and we will pair you with an agency in your region should you need a full-scale social media management solution.

Ready To Get Started?