Public Relations Services for Wineries


In partnership with winery PR and media relations consultant Carl Giavanti, Vinbound Marketing is pleased to offer the following media relations services to wineries looking to expand awareness and traction around their brand, by getting their stories and wines in front of the media.

PR & Media Communications Audit

This audit is appropriate for owners and managers who are responsible for setting up and maintaining an effective media outreach program.

This program includes a 30-minute consultation; a 30-minute online assessment of the winery’s digital presence, social platforms and accolades; a written report with action steps to enhance media performance, and a detailed description of how to use media coverage in content marketing to increase profitability.

Media Preparedness Package

This package includes planning, development and writing copy for the winery Media Kit and one-page Fact Sheet; recommendations for media/trade-facing collateral, other digital assets and website resources.

This package logically stems from the findings of our PR & Media Communications Audit. This is also appropriate for self-starter owners and managers who want to quickly build the media infrastructure required to pitch their own stories and wines to the media.

Sampling Program

Includes both Spring and Fall Sampling Lists, preparation of reviewer recommendations, and opportunistic recommendations throughout the year. Includes follow-up with reviewers for status of tastings and links to reviews.

Onsite Media Visits

There is no better way to influence writers and obtain coverage than to have writers and reviewers onsite for touring and tastings.

Press Releases

As needed and if newsworthy. This service includes a professionally written and formatted press release, typically one page. Distribution via Outlook email and/or Constant Contact to local, regional and/or national media.

PR Retainer

This full-attention retainer includes the media kit development and samples program, as well as ongoing pitching, access to Carl Giavanti’s connections and recommendations, as well as ongoing marketing and networking opportunities. Final monthly quote to follow formal evaluation and proposal

Meet Carl Giavanti

Carl Giavanti is a winery publicist with more than 25 years of experience in direct sales and marketing. After a successful career in corporate software and services, he left the technology industry in 2009 to begin consulting for the wine business, applying his skills in marketing strategy, public relations, and relationship-building to an industry he genuinely enjoys. While most PR firms primarily serve large corporate entities across multiple industries, Carl prefers to work with small and medium-sized family-owned wineries, who typically have the best stories but the least visibility in a crowded marketplace. In his ten years as a wine media publicist, he has helped more than 50 wineries in Napa Valley, Willamette Valley, and the Columbia Gorge advance their marketing objectives.

His emphasis has always been on building brand recognition and expanding direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales: the holy grail of the boutique wine business. Carl takes the time to understand each client’s goals and authentic voice before putting on his storytelling hat, which creates a media strategy and on-point messaging appropriate for the target audience. Carl prides himself on his network of media relationships and his tenacious follow-up, and he personally carries out all client campaigns and programs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Carl’s Qualifications?

Carl has been a winey consultant, both DTC Marketing and Public/Media relations for 10 years. He’s worked with over 50 wineries on a variety of programs. For additional info, see his bio below.

How long has he been doing PR Consulting?

Carl started working with wine media during the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference (now the Wine Media Conference). He has attended the last seven conferences, as well as other wine symposia, wine writer’s education seminars and industry conferences.

Who will I actually be working with?

Carl handles the implementation and maintenance of all recommended programs and campaigns himself. Marketing collaborations with Vinbound are also recommended.

How well connected to wine media is he?

Carl maintains a wine writer’s database of over 2,000 local, regional and national contacts, and a travel writer’s database of about the same size. He is constantly doing media outreach, scheduling media visits to Oregon, qualifying reviewers for the sampling program and following up to ensure results. He also has an extensive network of local industry contacts.

Will this help me sell wine?

Yes, and No. Read his article on the subject:

Will I get advice on what to do with the media coverage?

Yes, and Yes. This is quite important as media coverage not used in your content marketing is a waste of a precious resource.

How do we pay?

All fees are activity or project based, except for month retainers.

What is the difference between the packages and full-service PR Retainer?

Monthly Retainers clients enjoy an integrated program that includes ongoing pitching, news releases, guaranteed inclusion in all media visits and marketing and networking opportunities limited to his full-attention clients.

What PR should we be doing in-house?

We wrote an article on this topic over here!

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