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Easily direct wine drinkers to SKU-specific nutritional details, tasting notes and more via QR code on the label

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Including a QR code on your wine label is a huge untapped opportunity for wine brands. You can easily present information specific to that bottle of wine along with links to purchase, join your mailing list, etc.

The Problem

Your wine label shows a generic brand URL

Your core brand website is important, but it is broad and doesn’t cater to a specific bottle of wine. Consumers looking at your label often are searching for nutritional details, tasting notes, story content, etc specific to that SKU— and your winery homepage or a random google result probably isn’t where they should be directed to.

The Solution

A SKU-specific microsite accessed by QR code on your label

Direct your consumers to a microsite (a simple mobile website) created specifically for your wine SKU. Select from one of our templates and provide your wine details– our team will create your wine microsite, generate a QR code to put on your label, provide a dashboard to stay organized across a large portfolio, and continue to manage the site and provide analytics.

BottleQR Manages The Entire Process

Microsite Creation

Choose from one of our microsite templates and provide the desired content and branding. You have full control of what consumers see when they scan your QR code

QR Code Generation

A high-resolution QR code will be provided to you for inclusion on your wine label. The code points to your wine-specific site

Hosting & Managed Edits

We host your BottleQR website on a dedicated URL ( or and provide ongoing edits and security

Analytics & Client Portal

Analytics are emailed to your team on a monthly basis and are available in an online portal. You can always see which QR codes are active, where they are pointing and how they are performing

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Microsite Templates

BottleQR microsites are simple mobile-specific websites created for a particular wine SKU. The templates below are starting points… our team will customize each site to your brand and wine-specific content

How To View The Demos: Because BottleQR sites are intended to be viewed on a mobile device when the consumer scans the back of the bottle, please scan the below QR codes with your phone to view the demos

#1: Tile Links

An image or slideshow at top with tiled links below. This gridlike format offers quick navigation to wine details and CTAs

View Demo
Scan with phone to view Demo

#2: Minimalist Links

A series of stacked buttons linking to information specific to the bottle of wine. Buttons & background are fully customizable

View Demo
Scan with phone to view Demo

#3: Big Icon Links

Large icons and descriptive links offer an easy and visual way to access desired information about the wine

View Demo
Scan with phone to view Demo

#4: Bottom Links

A slideshow of images in the background with call-to-action buttons and social links in the bottom section

View Demo
Scan with phone to view Demo

#5: Traditional Long-Scroll

A traditional long-scroll mobile site. Scroll through a variety of sections, including wine details, mailing list signup, etc.

View Demo
Scan with phone to view Demo

#6: Simple Icons

An image background and simple icon menu. This template is clean and beautiful.

View Demo
Scan with phone to view Demo

Customized Completely To Your Brand & Wine

Include any or all of the following features on your BottleQR microsite

Wine Details

Tasting notes, technical details, nutritional information, etc. All of the text-based content that you want people to know

Mailing List Signup

Display a newsletter signup form and send submissions directly to Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, etc.

Videos & Galleries

Embed photo galleries, Youtube, Vimeo, or custom uploaded video into your site


Embed any type of form that you want (survey, contact, club inquiry, reservation inquiry, etc)

Embedded Content

Embed content from a third party software service (Tock, reservation module, chat, etc)

Colors, Fonts & Backgrounds

Customize your site to your brand standards (colors, fonts, etc)

External Links

Link out to any other external website, including your main brand website, social media, online store, etc

Digital Downloads

Enable digital downloads of hosted files, such as PDFs of tech sheets and trade resources

Account Setup


One-time setup fee for new clients

  • Creation of branded microsite template

  • Consulting on best solution across portfolio of wines

  • Setup of organizational system to provide assets across portfolio

Get STArted

Microsite Creation, Hosting & Support

Inquire for pricing options

  • Microsite Creation for all SKUs and hosting on BottleQR Subdomain

  • QR Code Generation (If needed. Label graphic designer often provides this)

  • Ongoing management of microsites

  • SSL Security

  • Client portal to view microsite/QR Code status across full portfolio

  • Option to host microsite on custom subdomain (

  • Monthly emailed analytics reports

Get STArted

With BottleQR, you decide what you want your customers to see when they scan your QR code on the wine label. Our team will handle everything else.

Site Hosting & Management Features:

Hosting & SSL

Our team hosts and secures all BottleQR microsites on a subdomain at or on your own website subdomain

99.99% Uptime

Sites are built on technology that is far more resilient to downtime or hacks than WordPress or similar platforms

Super Fast

BottleQR microsites are coded to offer blazing fast loading times

Fully Managed Edits

Vinbound oversees the website and makes all changes on your behalf at no additional cost. Just email our team with your change requests.

Inherently Accessible

Our sites are ADA Compliant and very easy for people with visual disabilities to navigate

Ongoing Analytics

We integrate Google analytics into the site and set up monthly emailed reports to your team. We also track data via the QR code platform

There is no easier method for someone drinking a bottle of your wine to quickly and easily access information specific to that exact bottle. Without a QR code + BottleQR site, consumers have to dig through your full website or a Google search to (maybe) find what they are looking for.


Am I legally required to list nutritional details on my label?

There is pending legislation in the United States that may require you to list nutritional details directly on your label OR via a clear and obvious link link (QR code). BottleQR was created with this in mind and is a system to manage QR codes and the information they lead to at scale for wineries with dozens or hundreds of active SKUs in the marketplace at a given time.

Do people actually use QR codes?

YES! There has been a huge increase in QR in recent years, and camera phones now scan QR codes by default without needing to access a specific app. It has proven to be the fastest way to access a website from a mobile device, and with BottleQR you control the exact mobile experience they are directed to.

How Does This Work? What Are The Next Steps?

Setup of your site is easy. Start by sending us an inquiry via the form below. We will then begin with our account setup process, which includes:

  • Creation of the URL structure that current and future QR codes should point to
  • Creation of a template specific to your brand to use across portfolio of wines

Once your account is set up, we will then build out microsites for all of the desired wines in your portfolio and provide the specific URLs and QR codes for each wine. Clients on our premium plan will also be provided access to a client portal, training on how to edit sites themselves (if desired), setup of monthly analytics, etc.

Your BottleQR microsite will go live as soon as you want it to and will stay live and managed as long as you want.

How far in advance do we need to set this up?

The most important first step is finalizing the URL where your QR code needs to point to and providing this URL to your label graphic designer prior to label printing (or we will create a QR code for you to supply to your graphic designer). However, the public-ready version of the microsite does not need to be completed until you start selling/distributing your wines.

Why did Vinbound develop BottleQR?

We saw a huge missed opportunity on the back of every wine label to better communicate the wine details + nutritional information and provide a central spot to easily purchase more of the bottle, join the mailing list, become a social media follower, etc.

Is there a contract or minimum engagement?

There is a 1-year minimum for all BottleQR sites. After 1 year you can cancel your subcription and take down your BottleQR site, although we recommend keeping it active for the time period that the vintage is in active distribution. Note that you can request to change the URL or the QR code at any point…we will point the QR code to your core brand website or anywhere else on cancellation of the BottleQR site itself.

How many pages can the BottleQR site have?

Technically, one. By design, BottleQR mobile websites are just one page… Deeper “pages” of these microsites are actually hidden sections that appear by popup functionality.

For this reason, these websites are perfect for a specific SKU, but not intended for your full winery or brand website. They are not intended to appear in organic search results and are only intended to be accessed via QR code on a mobile device.

How customizable is the QR code itself?

Your QR code can be a generic square design with our core plan, or we can customize it any way you like if you are on our premium plan (rounded corners, circle, logo in center of code, call to action around code, etc). We will provide you options as you work through our onboarding process. Your wine label graphic designer may also handle the actual design of each QR code per your brand standards.

What is the advantage of pointing a QR code to a BottleQR site versus my own website?

There are a number of advantages to using a microsite for your wine bottle details as opposed to a landing page on your core brand website

Speed: Microsites are very small in size and load extremely quickly

Fully Managed: Your main winery website may be difficult to edit, it may be impossible to get something simple that looks how you want it, or you rely on an unreliable IT team for any edits or development. Our microsites are extremely easy to edit and we guarantee same-day edits if managing changes on your behalf

Mobile Focused: Microsites are intended to only be accessed by mobile devices and are thus designed to be as user friendly on small screens as possible

Focused & Clean: Your main website probably has a lot more information that what a user is looking for if they scan a QR code. You can show just the important details about your wine without distraction

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