Squarespace Websites for Wineries

Vinbound Marketing specializes in the design and development of custom Squarespace websites for wineries and vineyards.

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“Vinbound’s work is top quality and a tremendous value when compared to other designers. They did a great job on our site.”
-Cadre Wines

Squarespace for wineries example
Squarespace websites from Vinbound

The ideal choice for smaller wineries needing a polished, beautiful multi-page website

Powerful eCommerce Options

Integrate with Squarespace Commerce, VinoShipper or C7

Easy To Manage

Squarespace is the easiest website platform for our clients to edit

Quick to Develop & Launch

Squarespace websites can be built faster than WordPress

Fully Secure

All Squarespace websites come with a SSL certificate for HTTPS security

Extremely Stable

Squarespace websites are very stable and rarely go down or have bugs

Training Included

All Vinbound Squarespace websites come with video-based training


Custom Squarespace Website Package

$4000 Average Build Cost

+ $25/month average hosting cost to Squarespace

A custom Squarespace website for your winery, unique to your brand.

Custom To Your Winery

Squarespace websites are highly customizable. We will design your website in any creative direction desired and adapt the site to your brand standards (fonts, colors, etc)

Integrate with eCommerce

We will integrate your Squarespace website with Squarespace Commerce or VinoShipper

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Vinbound Squarespace Template

$2500 Build Cost

Fully customized to your brand


$75/Month Hosting & Management

2-Year Minimum Commitment

Our premium Squarespace template is beautiful and comes fully integrated with Commerce7 or Vinoshipper. There is no upfront cost to modify the template to your brand- our team will add your photos and text content, and adapt fonts and colors. On launch you will enjoy the following under our monthly Squarespace Retainer:

  • Squarespace website hosting and SSL security
  • 30 minutes monthly managed edits / consulting
  • Ongoing addition of alt tags, meta descriptions for SEO
  • Monthly website analytics reports
  • Up to 12 professional bottle shots per year
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Password to view site is vinbound all lower-case

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Template Build


Choose from one of our templates for an even faster build. Vinbound will add in all of your content and provide moderate customization to match your brand.

Use code vinbound to access these password-protected templates

View Template 1
View Template 2
View Template 3 (Offer Site)

Rapid Build and Launch

Template builds provide a ready starting point for us to quickly swap in all of your content and get your website launched in the shortest time possible.

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Our Squarespace Package Includes:

  • Responsive display on all screen sizes

  • Optimized for mobile experience

  • Technical on-site SEO

  • Integration with your mailing list

  • Custom design for your brand

  • 6 Pages of Content

  • Instagram feed integration

  • Custom forms

  • Facebook Pixel integration

  • Powerful Squarespace Analytics

  • Quality assurance/testing

  • SSL Security Setup

  • Connection to Custom Domain

  • Post-Launch Support

  • Training videos for easy editing

I knew I had to find a company that could deliver an impressive site in a short period of time all while being affordable. Having 20 years of experience of bringing wine projects to life from scratch, I also knew that I needed to work with someone that knows nuances of the wine industry and how to apply those complexities to an effective website. Brian at Vinbound checked all the boxes and seamlessly married technology and creativity in designing a fantastic digital home for Cadre on Squarespace.”
– John Niven, Cadre Wines

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Full Template Build


Choose from one of three pre-built template options. Supports a complete site build of 6 pages.

View Template 1
View Template 2
View Template 3

Beautiful, Complete WordPress Sites

These three templates offer the fastest way to launch a complete, multi-page WordPress website

You Can Customize Post-Launch

We will provide training on how to edit the site post-launch, so you can continue to add content and customize to your brand

Includes eCommerce Integration

Integration with VinoShipper, Commerce7 or WooCommerce included

Template 4 screen shot with four images
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eCommerce Integration Options

These are our top eCommerce recommendations for Squarespace


VinoShipper is an ideal choice for wineries needing bulk shipping permits, managed tax compliance services and a basic wine club solution

Commerce 7

For wineries needing the most robust ecommerce solution that also offers wine club, POS, CRM, reservation system, and more, Commerce7 is our top recommendation


Squarespace comes integrated with its own ecommerce platform. It is very powerful and can be a good choice for small to medium-sized wineries

Learn More About eCommerce Options

Website Add-Ons

Our menu of add-ons offer a range of additional functionality for your website

ADA plugins - AsscessiBe, UserWay
Accessibility Solutions

Make your website fully accessible to people with visual impairments via these ADA-compliance solutions

Sample Age Gate page
Age Gates

Simple, beautiful age verification solutions for your winery website, custom-designed to your brand standards

Best wine product locator
Distribution Maps

An interactive, searchable map of the retailers and restaurants where your wines are available for purchase

Vineyard Map with highlighted blocks
Interactive Vineyard Maps

Display detailed information on your vineyard, visible as viewers click or hover over each of your vineyard blocks

Intercom, Hubspot, Tawk, Freshchat
Live Chat

Take your customer service to the next level by monitoring and chatting with the visitors on your website

Tock, Cellarpass, Calendly, Acuity Scheduling
Reservation Systems

Get smarter about your tasting room reservations with powerful appointment-scheduling software

Year Established
Team Size

Squarespace Hosting Fees & Ongoing Tech Support

Squarespace is a third party company that requires monthly hosting fees. The general fee schedule is:

$23/month: Average Squarespace hosting cost with VinoShipper or Commerce7 integrated. This is paid directly to Squarespace.

$75/month Squarespace Retainer for Custom Builds: An optional managed website plan provided by Vinbound for clients on our custom Squarespace package. Includes 30 minutes managed edits to your website each month, as well as analytics reports, ongoing SEO optimization, 12 bottle shots per year, and twice-yearly consulting calls. Vinbound also covers the cost of your Squarespace hosting plan (so true cost is ~$50/month on average). In lieu of a retainer, edits to the site are charged $125/hr. Note this $75 retainer does not apply to our Template, which is always $150/month and includes the same blend of services.

Review Squarespace Plans on Their Website

Also Available:
Squarespace Consulting & Custom Development

If you built your own website on Squarespace but need a professional to look it over, assist with ecommerce integrations (VinoShipper or Commerce), or provide other development, we can help!


What is the difference between Squarespace and WordPress?

Squarespace is a third party company that has a proprietary software solution to build websites. They are both the website creation platform as well as the host of the website, for which you pay a monthly fee. Squarespace also has its own optional ecommerce solution, Squarespace Commerce.

WordPress is open-source code that powers 25% of all websites on the internet (including this one). It requires a hosting company to host the files but is not technology owned by any one specific company. Some eCommerce options require a WordPress website to run best, including Commerce7. You can view Vinbound’s WordPress packages here.

The Squarespace editor has some editing constraints that limit functionality/design, while WordPress can be more customizable. WordPress can also handle much larger websites (great for established wineries or AVAs) and comes equipped with powerful plugins to boost search engine rankings.

How long does it take to build a Squarespace website?

A custom Squarespace website takes an average 4 weeks to build after receiving your signed contract, deposit (50% of quoted total), and content. Smaller sites will be ready sooner and larger sites will be on the later end of the spectrum. Your ability to promptly provide content and input on each revision round will vastly speed up the process.

What other costs are involved?

Clients will need to pay for a Squarespace account on a monthly or annual basis. This covers the Squarespace website hosting and all features of the software. These costs average $16-23/month and are outlined above. There is also an optional $75/month retainer with Vinbound that includes the Squarespace fee as well as ongoing edits and support from Vinbound.

You will continue to pay your domain name registrar to renew your domain name (~ $12/year), and you will continue to pay for external email services at G Suite, GoDaddy or similar.

Transaction costs will be paid on sales of your wines based on the ecommerce solution you choose (ranges from 2.9% Squarespace to 9% Vinoshipper on margin)

What does Vinbound charge for hourly edits?

Vinbound charges $125/hour for ongoing edits and development. You may elect for our Squarespace management plan ($75/month) which includes 1 hour of edits to the site per month, as well as analytics, 12 bottle shots per year, SEO optimization and twice-yearly consulting meetings. 

What do I need to provide?

We will provide a checklist at the beginning of the process so you know what to provide. You will be an active participant in the design process by providing images, text, bottle shots, videos, thoughts on website structure, etc. Access to your existing domain, server, and analytics programs will be requested.

What is the build process like?

  1. Fill out the form below or on our Contact Page to signal interest in working with Vinbound
  2. We will jump on a call to talk through your specific needs and identify a solution. We often email you a list of questions to consider prior to the call.
  3. After our call, we will provide a comprehensive proposal including all deliverables and costs
  4. If you want to move forward after reviewing the proposal, a contract and checklist of needed items will be provided
  5. A signed contract and 50% deposit on project total are required for work to begin
  6. You will be responsible for providing the majority of items from the checklist (images, text, etc) before build can begin
  7. We will build a complete first round of the website in a private environment. This will be a fully functional website that you can review on all devices. We do not provide wireframes/PDF mockups of the build ahead of your first round, as we have found these to significantly slow down the build process
  8. You will review the first round of your website and provide a full list of desired revisions. Everything is on the table.
  9. We will build all revisions into the next round and provide that to you. This process will continue for several more rounds until you are thrilled with your new website
  10. When the site is ready to go live, we will connect it to your domain name and create 301 redirects so your old site connects seamlessly to the new one
  11. We will thoroughly test the site post-launch and provide your team training videos on how to edit the site yourself
  12. You will be invoiced the final 50% and set up on an optional tech support retainer
  13. Vinbound will be your ongoing partner for everything related to your website!

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