Video Production for Wineries

A variety of video solutions to beautifully tell your winery’s story

Vinbound Marketing and our network of videographer partners specialize in an array of video services for wineries throughout Oregon and Washington. Our business profiles, social media shorts and full documentaries are the ideal way to authentically share the story of your winery on all digital platforms.

For wineries in states beyond the Pacific Northwest, we highly recommend the services of Juharo.
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Sample of Aerial Video from Vinbound Marketing

Aerial Video ($300)

Our basic aerial photography service brings a top-of-the-line drone to your vineyard for a 30 minute shoot. We will film your property from all vantage points and provide you with a full gallery of high-res images and 4k video. This video content is commonly used on top-level banners for winery websites (for example, see Tresori Vineyards). Video is captured by Brian Richardson of Vinbound Marketing. This service is available throughout Oregon. Travel costs not included for wineries 50+ miles from Carlton, Oregon.

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360° Virtual Tour Package ($750)

360° photography is incredibly impactful for wineries eager to boost tasting room traffic. Like a street-view 360° on Google maps, these images allow users to pan around and look at every vantage point in your tasting room, barrel room, patio, vineyard and beyond. This package includes up to 15 360 images and a guide on how to upload to your Google Business Profile, the primary website prospective wine tasters visit in deciding which tasting rooms to visit.

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45-Second Highlight Reel ($800)

Capture cinematic video of your entire winery experience: includes aerial video of your vineyard/property and professional video of your tasting room, winery, etc. This fast-paced video is perfect for Google Business profiles, Facebook banner videos, embedded on your website banner and other high-traffic locations. Quickly convey the beauty of your winery and tasting experience with this succinct, polished video solution. Shot by Brandon Porter. Travel costs not included for regions 30+ miles beyond Newberg, Oregon.

Complete Video/360 Package ($1200)

All of the above packages combined into one (save $300): Aerial video, 360 images and a 45-second highlight reel. We’ll shoot, edit and provide finished images/videos and give guided instruction on the places to post each type of media for the biggest business impact.

One-Minute Highlight Reel + Two Social Media Clips ($2400)

Close your eyes and imagine your very own one-minute Hollywood movie trailer, strategically designed to spark interest and excitement, leading viewers to follow links for more information. Combine this with our three-minute Brand Story video and together, you’ve created the perfect opportunity to speak directly to potential clients and make a lasting first impression with your story and brand. This also includes two 30 second social media clips made from the recorded footage, each unique and different from one another. Provided by Ethan Saunders of Northwest Narrative.

Brand Story Video for Domaine Divio

Three-Minute Brand Story Video + Two Social Media Clips ($4000)

This interview based video will dive deeper into your story, brand, and how it relates to the true hero – your customer. The ideal location for this branding video is typically your webpage or main landing page where visitors are more engaged and interested, taking full advantage of the fact that including a quality video on a landing page increases conversions up to 80 percent. Our team of professionals team up with you to not only develop a video that is cinematic and beautiful, but also strategically designed to meet your marketing objectives.  Provided by Ethan Saunders of Northwest Narrative.

Annual Social Media Video Subscription (Starting at $400/month)

Fresh and engaging video content is crucial in order to maximize the powerful influence of social media and stay ahead of your competition – But the continual pressure of producing fresh content can be difficult, stressful and time consuming. That’s where our annual subscription video service comes in handy, providing you with a new and exciting 30 second video to post every single month for a full year, delivered straight to your inbox and ready to post to all your social media platforms. Our team of professionals work with you to make each video unique and relevant, offering value to your viewers and dramatically increasing engagement all year long. With this subscription, the stress of finding fresh new content is a thing of the past.  Provided by Ethan Saunders of Northwest Narrative.

Option A: ($400/month)
One full day of on-location recording and production, including aerial footage, interviews, plenty of B-Roll and a copyright release. This time efficient option makes scheduling & recording a breeze, leaving our team more than enough time to capture great quality footage that can be used in many ways.

Option B: ($500/month)
Same as option A, but recording will occur once per quarter, capturing footage for each season.

Combination Package: $10000
Great starter pack to boost all aspects of video and production within a company. Includes a Three Minute Story Brand Video + One-Minute Highlight Reel + 1 Year Social Media Subscription. Savings of $1200.

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For wineries not located in the Pacific Northwest, we recommend Juharo Productions

Juharo’s award-winning short video, “A Nebbiolo’s story by Giuseppe Vajra”

Juharo Productions is a speciality video production company that focuses on wine and food related content. Led by a husband and wife team, Juharo effectively and successfully communicates your brand through the visual arts medium.

Julian is a professional Director of Photography with expertise in filming, sound recording, and editing. Camille has over a decade of professional experience in the hospitality, wine and luxury brand industries. She also hosts a food & wine radio show on Nantucket NPR. Their clients span the globe and they were awarded Video of the Year by Wine Spectator Magazine 2016. With genuine storytelling and inspiring cinematography, this small team can help bring your brand to life on the screen.

Juharo is located on the East Coast and is available to travel and shoot throughout the world.