VineSpring Data Migration For Wineries

Vinbound Marketing provides VineSpring data migration services for wineries moving away from WineDirect, Shopify, VinSuite, Orderport and more.

VineSpring is a leading ecommerce & wine club management platform for wineries, but moving your customer data into the system can be a barrier to switching from your legacy system. Vinbound Marketing is your VineSpring data migration partner to efficiently export, clean and import your data into VineSpring. We support data migrations from nearly all legacy and active wine commerce solutions using custom, VineSpring-approved scripts.

Data Append/Cleanup

Our team will assist in the export of your data from your existing ecommerce solution. Data is reviewed and cleaned to ensure proper import into VineSpring.

Credit Card Transfer

Depending on your current payment processor, our team may be able to securely transfer encrypted credit card information into VineSpring’s card processor Stripe.

Migration to VineSpring

We’ve developed a custom script to map your data from your exported spreadsheet to the proper fields in VineSpring. Our team oversees the transfer and accuracy of mapped data.

Website Integration

Our extended network can build VineSpring into your new website. This service includes the development and styling of your VineSpring store, club, profile and reservation pages on your website.

Examples of Websites using VineSpring

Matthiason Wines

Data Migration Pricing

Cost is based on the number and type of records to be migrated. There are four main types of data that can be migrated:

Core Customer Details
This is all of the core information about each customer— their name, email, phone, club level, address. Each customer counts as 1 record.
Order Histories
A record is each past sales transaction
Credit Cards
Each credit card number that is stored in your system and needs to be migrated is 1 record. Usually this is the number of club members with credit card on file
Custom notes per customer that have been added into your system and need to be mapped to VineSpring

A formal quote will be provided once we understand the type and number of records that you aim to migrate into VineSpring. There is a $750 project minimum.


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