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VinoShipper is the ideal ecommerce solution for small wineries needing bulk direct shipping permits and tax compliance


Selling and shipping wine to consumers in the United States is expensive and confusing. Wineries need to get Direct Shipping Permits for each state they want to ship to and collect/report the proper state taxes down to the local level. The sheer expense and time it takes to sell wine compliantly is a huge burden, leaving most small wineries only able to sell to a handful of states where potential revenue outweighs the cost of compliance.

VinoShipper is something of a godsend for these small producers…. a full service ecommerce/wine club/compliance company. Wineries can leverage VinoShipper’s shipping permits to quickly gain access to most states in the US within a matter of weeks. VinoShipper collects and pays the proper taxes and provides a nice ecommerce/club solution. We recommend this solution for wineries with a nationwide shipping strategy who don’t have the time or budget to secure their own Direct Shipper permits state by state!

Ship Compliantly to Most States In The US

Ship into states within the VinoShipper network, immediately, at no additional cost. VinoShipper collects and reports all applicable sales and excise taxes on your behalf.

eCommerce for your Website

Load your inventory into the VinoShipper backend and then display the store directly on your website. Unlike other compliance companies like ShipCompliant, VinoShipper is an ecommerce solution as well as the compliance company.

Wine Club Solution

VinoShipper also comes with a nice wine club solution, making it easy for you to create clubs, store credit cards, manage members and bulk process each wine release.

Fees Based on Margins

Rather than paying a monthly fee (competitors like ShipCompliant charge $150+ per month), VinoShipper just charges for what you sell through the system at 4.5 – 9%.

VinoShipper Services from Vinbound

We integrate VinoShipper into new websites or integrate it into your existing site

Integration into Squarespace & WordPress

Pricing Varies

If you need Vinoshipper integrated into a new or existing website, we are happy to help! Your online store can be a direct feed of all available VinoShipper products in one of several templated styles, or we can integrate custom Buy Buttons for a much more custom store style.

  • Template & Buy Button design options
  • Integrate into Squarespace and WordPress
  • Integrate into your existing website or include in a new website built by Vinbound
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VinoShipper Integration into Shopify

Pricing Varies

Vinoshipper is now able to integrate into Shopify! A growing number of wine brands, especially those that are digital-only without a tasting room, leverage Shopify as their ecommerce platform. However, compliance has always been an issue with Shopify, and wineries needed to procure their own shipping permits in order to legally sell to each state.

The team at Whirlwind Technologies has perfected an integration of Vinoshipper into Shopify. With this integration, customers will select the state they plan to ship to, and the order will either progress through Vinoshipper or Shopify based on the winery’s license in that shipping state. 

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Recent VinoShipper-Intergrated Sites Built By Vinbound

Murder Ridge
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