Affordable Wine Bottle Photography

Professional bottle shots of your wine bottles on a white and transparent background

Wine bottles are one of the most challenging products to properly photograph and post-process thanks to the reflective glass, mold seams and label issues. At Vinbound, we have refined the process over the years to get the lighting just right and remove all flaws in Photoshop post-production. Plus, we don’t charge you $100+ per bottle like the other guys…

1-5 Bottles: $40/Bottle
6-11 Bottles: $30/Bottle
12+ Bottles: $25/Bottle
Bottle shots Ken Wright Cellars, Domaine Serene, Beaux Freres
Flawless Lighting & Label

Our studio is set up specifically for bottle shots, with symettrical lighting and no reflection or flaws in the glass.

PNG, JPG and Non-Vintage

You will be sent a Dropbox folder with PNG (Transparent background) and JPG versions, as well as non-vintage versions on request

Quick Turnaround

Our average turnaround time from delivery of the bottles to completed bottle shots is 3 days

Year Established
Team Size

Bottles Need To Be Provided To:

Vinbound Marketing
711 E McKinley Street
Carlton, OR 97111

*If you are a winery in the Willamette Valley, we can arrange personal pickup/dropoff*

Your bottle shots will be provided via Dropbox within 3 business days. You will be invoiced for the bottle shots once you approve the images. Bottles provided for photography are non-returnable.

Use the form below, call 503-739-2856 or email us if you want to schedule your bottle shots.

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1-5 Bottles: $40/Bottle
6-11 Bottles: $30/Bottle
12+ Bottles: $25/Bottle