Wine Bottle Photography

Affordable bottle shots of your wine or spirit bottles
on a white and transparent background

1-5 Bottles: $40/Bottle
6-11 Bottles: $30/Bottle
12+ Bottles: $25/Bottle

We promise delivery of your images within 3 business days of receiving the bottles


You will be provided JPG (white background) and PNG (transparent) files in high-res and web-optimized sizes


Seams, scuffs and other imperfections are photoshopped away as part of our normal editing process. Vintages can also be removed free of charge!

Ready For Your Bottle Shots?

Mail Us Your Bottles

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Carlton, OR 97111

*If you are a winery in the Willamette Valley, we can arrange personal pickup/dropoff*

Your bottle shots will be provided via Dropbox within 3 business days. You will be invoiced for the bottle shots once you approve the images. Bottles provided for photography are non-returnable.

Use the form on this page or email us if you want to schedule your bottle shots.

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