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Winery Website Design

Vinbound specializes in winery website design, development and ecommerce integration. We build on three different core platforms, each catering to a specific style of wine business.

Choosing which of the below is the best fit for your winery can be confusing, so remember that we are here to help! Just contact us with a project inquiry and we’ll help you find the ideal solution.

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$250 Setup + $20/month

Need an affordable, simple website launched as soon as possible? Our MicroSites are ideal for you! These basic websites can be adapted to your brand and launched in no time at all. Vinbound also hosts the websites and manages all ongoing edits on your behalf.

Ideal For:
  • Small or secondary wine labels
  • Basic VinoShipper Websites
  • Vineyard-designate websites
  • Event landing pages
  • Countdown sites
Wineries Using Microsites:
Learn More about SImpleSites
Examples of websites
Learn More about Microsites

Squarespace Websites

Starting at $3500

Squarespace is an excellent website platform for smaller wineries. Ongoing website editing, online store updates, analytics and overall management are a breeze thanks to this user-friendly website platform.

The Best Fit For:
  • Small to medium-sized wineries
  • eCommerce powered by Squarespace Commerce or VinoShipper
  • Average 6 pages of content
Wineries on Squarespace
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Squarespace for wineries example
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WordPress Websites

Long-Scroll Sites Starting at $2500
Full Sites Starting at $7500

WordPress is the ideal solution for larger wineries with many pages of content and those that use advanced wine ecommerce platforms like Commerce7 and Vinespring. This is the most customizable platform, with any custom design possible.

The Best Fit For:
  • Medium to large wineries
  • Wineries using Commerce7, VineSpring, etc
  • Wineries with many pages of content (12+)
  • Clients needing a completely custom website
Wineries on WordPress:
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Wordpress for wineries example
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Winery eCommerce Services

Choosing which software solution to use for your online store, wine club and point-of-sale systems is one of the most important decisions your winery needs to make. It also happens to be the most overwhelming.

Vinbound provides eCommerce consulting services to help guide you through the process and choose a system that will work best for your current and future goals. We also offer website integrations and data migrations to get you up and running.

We’ve put together an online resource outlining our recommended eCommerce solutions and detailing which may be the best for your winery. We recommend reviewing that page and then contacting us for more assistance.

Go to our ecommerce resource page
Commerce 7, Squarespace, VineSpring, VinoShipper, ECWid, Wine Direct

Our Most Popular eCommerce Integration Services:

Squarespace Commerce Integrations

The simplest ecommerce option on the market, for wineries on Squarespace.

Commerce 7
Commerce7 Website Integrations

The most robust ecommerce/club/POS option available, for clients on WordPress.

VinoShipper Website Integrations

The only ecommerce option that is also a compliance/shipping permit provider.

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Data Migrations

There are many wine ecommerce/club/POS solutions that were built over a decade ago and are now antiquated and headed to the tech graveyard. This presents a problem for wineries on legacy systems: How does a winery move customer data (credit cards, customer profiles, order histories, notes) out of these systems and into a more modern platform?

Vinbound Marketing has developed a unique system and script to extract data (including tokenized credit cards) and securely port data into either Commerce7 or Vinespring.

We can migrate data into Commerce7 and Vinespring from all of the following and more: WineDirect, VinSuite, Troly, AMS, Shift4, Shopify, WooCommerce, Figure, Xudle, OrderPort, eCellar, Cultivate, Captina, BlackBoxx, excel spreadsheets, etc.

Commerce7 Data Migration
VineSpring Data Migration
Data Migration Illustration
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Website Add-Ons

Vinbound extends the functionality of winery websites with many powerful plugins and third-party integrations. Below is a menu of the popular add-ons that we currently offer to website clients.

ADA plugins - AsscessiBe, UserWay
Accessibility Solutions

Make your website fully accessible to people with visual impairments via our ADA accessibility solutions

Sample Age Gate page
Age Gates

Simple, beautiful age verification solutions for your winery website, custom-designed to your brand standards.

Best wine product locator
Distribution Maps

An interactive, searchable map of the retailers and restaurants where your wines are available for purchase

Vineyard Map with highlighted blocks
Interactive Vineyard Maps

Display detailed information on your vineyard, visible as viewers click or hover over each of your vineyard blocks

Intercom, Hubspot, Tawk, Freshchat
Live Chat

Take your customer service to the next level by monitoring and chatting with the visitors on your website

Tock, Cellarpass, Calendly, Acuity Scheduling
Reservation Systems

Get smarter about your tasting room reservations with powerful appointment-scheduling software

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Search Engine Optimization

Vinbound offers a range of SEO services to ensure your winery website is found easily and displays beautifully across all major forms of online search. Our SEO services are catered specifically to wineries with WordPress or Squarespace websites looking to boost tasting room traffic and generate additional online sales.

There are three core types of SEO (onsite, offsite and content marketing), and we offer an all-encompassing SEO audit and ongoing service packages.

Note: All websites built by Vinbound Marketing include technical onsite SEO as part of the build package.

Learn More about our SEO Services
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Hosting & Tech Support Retainers

Winery websites are often complex systems that require ongoing oversight and maintenance in order to run smoothly. Vinbound Marketing specializes in the development, hosting and management of WordPress & Squarespace websites for wineries.

We offer several monthly hosting and service plans to ensure your website stays fully-functional and updated for the long-run. We’re proud to serve and manage over 100 winery websites, with a dedicated support team overseeing all Vinbound client websites.

Working on a computer in front of server banks

Consulting Services

Brian Richardson, founder of Vinbound Marketing, offers consulting services to wineries on the following topics:

  • Squarespace for Wineries
  • WordPress for Wineries
  • Search Engine Optimization for Wineries
  • DTC Strategy

Consulting services cover the specific nuances related to wine websites and digital marketing, including ecommerce integration, configuring shipping/taxes, etc.

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