Winery Website Templates

These winery website templates are an affordable, efficient way to launch a beautiful new website. Fully integrated with Commerce7 or VinoShipper and adapted to your brand and content.

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Built By Vinbound

The Vinbound team will add your photos, text and branding into the theme of your choice

Ready Fast

Websites built from a template can launch much faster than a custom-designed site

Easy to Customize & Edit

Vinbound provides training videos so you can easily edit the website without limitations in-house after launch

Ongoing Hosting & Mgmt

Vinbound offers hosting, security and ongoing edits of websites after launch with several retainer plans

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WordPress Winery Templates

WordPress is the most flexible and powerful website platform, and is an ideal choice for wineries using Commerce7 for ecommerce. These templates offer a solid foundation for your new winery website.

Build Price: $1500-4000 depending on template
Cost includes full setup and customization of your site over multiple revision rounds. You are only responsible for sending us your content.

Ongoing Costs: Hosting & Management plans starting at $50/month

Integrated with Commerce7 or VinoShipper. Other platforms like WineDirect can be on a subdomain with template as the core site.

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Affordable website design

Minimalist Long-Scroll

A long-scroll, simple website
Fully integrated with Commerce7 or VinoShipper


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Built on this template: August Forest

Best website design themes


This long-scroll Vineyard template features interactive vineyard maps, virtual tours and aerial video to show off what makes your vineyard unique


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Built on this template: Five Points


A modern theme with large visual navigational sections on the homepage, stacked atop eachother
Fully integrated with Commerce7 or VinoShipper


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Built on this template: Loving Cup

Best website design for wineries


A premium theme featuring full-bleed imagery
Fully integrated with Commerce7 or VinoShipper


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Built on this template: Crimson Lane

Best template website designs for marketing on a budget

Left Menu

A multi-page theme with left menu on desktop
Fully integrated with Commerce7 or VinoShipper


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Built on this template: Bellingar

Best website templates for wineries

Minimalist Multi-Page

Simple, clean and modern.
Fully integrated with Commerce7 or VinoShipper


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Built on this template: Tekstura

WordPress Template FAQs

How are Vinbound templates different from Spectra and other Commerce7 templates?

If you are planning on integrating Commerce7 into your website, you may have seen some template options on the Commerce7 website. The  templates listed on the Commerce7 website are extremely constrictive – you have little option to customize the site beyond plugging in your logo, text content, images and colors in only the layout provided. There is no visual editor on any of these templates to make your own customizations, create new landing pages, etc. For some wineries this is OK, but most find the look to be too generic and similar to everyone else, and easily grow frustrated with the lack of customization.

How Easy is it to edit a Vinbound template? What does the backend builder look like?

Our “templates” are really just starting points for your build. They all come with a visual editor that allows for total customization across the sites. Here is a video of the editor backend from a recent build we did.

Can everything be edited?

Yes! Unlike templates from Commerce7 and other vendors, everything on these sites can be edited via the visual editor. Fonts, colors, layout, header, footer, etc are all editable.

How does the process work? Who does the initial build?

Our process is different from other template providers in that we (Vinbound) handle the initial build and customization for you. So you choose a template starting point, let us know what refinements / customizations you want to see made, and then provide your images, text content, brand standards, etc. We then build out round 1 of the site, get it over to you for review, and then refine over a few more rounds to get the site to exactly what you are looking for.

IS there any limit to what Vinbound will customize on the initial build?

We will need to have some idea of what level of customization you will want to make / how modified the site will be compared to the initial template starting point. If your vision is too custom or far from the template starting point, it is just considered a normal custom website build, which is more expensive. You can review custom website builds here.

How does the template fee work?

The template fee, ranging from $1500 to $4000 one time, includes the complete buildout and customization of your website by the Vinbound team. Not only do we add in all of your content, all of the following is included in the fee:

  • Integration of Commerce7 or Vinoshipper (store, profile, club signup, etc)
  • SEO (addition of meta tags, alt tags and social images)
  • Considerations for ADA Compliance (proper heading tags, color contrast, technical structure)
  • Launch of website on your custom domain
  • Submission to Google Search Console for fast indexing
  • Training videos for your team to manage the site in-house post launch

How does support work after the website is completed?

We offer a few retainers for you to choose from. These are all optional, although 95% of Vinbound clients do go on at least the basic hosting and oversight retainer.

Core Hosting & Security ($50/month)
Complete Site Management ($150/month)
Partner Retainer ($500/month)

Read about these support retainers here

Are we able to make adjustments after it’s done?

Yes! You will have full access and training to edit the site anytime after launch. The Vinbound team can also make changes on your behalf under one of our retainer plans or on an hourly fee basis.

Where is the website hosted?

If you select a hosting and support retainer with Vinbound (starting at $50/month), we will host the website on a Vinbound-managed server. This is a highly secure and fast server gauranteed to provide 99.99% uptime and unparalleled speeds.

You may also host the website on any server you prefer if you don’t want Vinbound to host the site. We recommend Siteground! Note that if you don’t go on retainer with Vinbound, you will be responsible for maintaining your WordPress website (theme and plugin updates, restoring the site from backup during an outage, malware scanning and restoration, ongoing addition of alt tags for ADA compliance, etc)

Squarespace Winery Template

New! Our premium Squarespace template is beautiful and comes integrated with Commerce7 or Vinoshipper

Build Cost: $2500 
Includes full setup, integration with your Commerce7 or Vinoshipper account, addition of your content and adaptation to your brand standards. You are only responsible for sending us your content. 

Ongoing Cost: $75/month Retainer

  • Squarespace website hosting and SSL security
  • 30 minutes monthly managed edits / consulting
  • Ongoing addition of alt tags & meta descriptions for SEO
  • Monthly website analytics reports
  • Up to 12 Professional Bottles Shots Per Year
  • 2 Year minimum commitment
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View The Demo - use password Vinbound

Password to view site is vinbound all lower-case

Built on this template: Lost Sierra

All Templates Include:

Managed Build & Customization

We will build and customize your website to your brand standards, page structure and content

Hosting & SSL

Vinbound hosts and secures all websites via our ongoing retainer plans

99.99% Uptime

Vinbound-managed sites are hosted on the most reliable servers

Super Fast

Optimized code for fast loading times on all devices

eCommerce Integration

We can integrate your site with VinoShipper or Commerce7

SEO Best Practices

We incorporate all core on-site technical SEO practices

Optional Add-Ons

Bottle shots Ken Wright Cellars, Domaine Serene, Beaux Freres
Bottle Shots ($25-40/Bottle)

Vinbound offers professional photography of wine bottles at a fraction of the price of other photographers

Sample Age Gate page
Age Gates ($289)

Simple, beautiful age verification solutions for your winery website, custom-designed to your brand standards

Best wine product locator
Wine Distribution Map

An interactive, searchable map of the retailers and restaurants where your wines are available for purchase

Vineyard Map with highlighted blocks
Interactive Vineyard Maps ($250)

Display detailed information on your vineyard, visible as viewers click or hover over each of your vineyard blocks

Intercom, Hubspot, Tawk, Freshchat
Live Chat (Costs Vary)

Take your customer service to the next level by monitoring and chatting with the visitors on your website

Tock, Cellarpass, Calendly, Acuity Scheduling
Reservation Systems (Costs Vary)

Get smarter about your tasting room reservations with powerful appointment-scheduling software

Year Established
Team Size

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