Brian Richardson of Vinbound Marketing on Bottled in China podcast
Our recommended Accessibility (ADA) Plugin for Wineries (and all businesses) is Accessibe! Be sure to chek out their service and sign up for Accessibe on their website.

Brian Richardson, founder of Vinbound Marketing, was recently on a podcast with Emily Steckenborn of Bottled In China. This is a must-listen as you consider a winery website in 2021 and need to navigate the challenges of ADA Compliance, shipping legalities, and digital strategy.

Topics Covered:

  • What are common issues with wine websites and what should wine businesses be considering now, in terms of improving and optimizing their websites for 2021?
  • Where do wineries fall short in terms of ADA accessibility on their website and social media marketing?
  • Accessibe and other plugins to help you achieve ADA compliance